About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Rashmika. I am a full time employee and I enjoy watching movies in my off time or leisure time. With my busy working schedule I do not get much time to spend on watching movies.

Therefore I do have to make the best out of my time to watch a masterpiece to entertain myself and release the job stress. I always wanted to know whether a movie is actually worth my time before watching it and wasting a couple of hours.

I have scrolled through the internet to find out whether a movie is actually worth it. I did find comments from viewers a little bit helpful but not enough details in them.

The other websites dedicated for movies explained the plot summary which included the spoilers. All of these were not up to my expectation.

Therefore I wanted to create my own website dedicated for you so that you can get a brief idea about a movie from my perspective.

If I believe a movie to be good, then I would also include the negative feedbacks which the movie has received from the other viewers and vise versa so that you could make a decision your self.

I believe this website would help to save your time from bad movies and get the best entertainment out of your limited time.